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Analysing the Data
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We offer a full range of services to manage wealth cycles  –  from the creation of wealth, to its management, protection, preservation and ultimately,  to its distribution.


Portfolio Management Services

Using our expertise, we can provide a comprehensive Investment Proposal which includes investment portfolio construction and review.

M&A is authorised to deal in the following products:​

- Deposit products

- Superannuation - including self-managed superannuation funds

- Securities - shares and debentures

- Managed investment schemes - managed funds

- Government debentures, stocks and bonds

Our expertise in providing these services is available at different levels, depending on client needs, chosen investment strategy and preferred method of implementation. 

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Tailored Financial Advice

We regard each client as unique. Our initial focus is to understand the long-term financial and lifestyle objectives of our clients, to analyse the financial position in terms of assets and liabilities, including all structures (superannuation funds, family trusts, companies etc). 

Once the investment profile is established, we regularly analyse movements in assets and liabilities to ensure they remain suitable for the short and long term. The ongoing review process is critical to ensure we achieve optimal results for our clients.


Investment Selection

Our approach to investment management involves the identification of the risk/return characteristics of each asset class and its impact on the broader portfolio needs of our clients.

The macro economic and global investment research underpinning our recommendations is of the highest quality and sourced from the world’s leading investment banks and independent research houses.

Our Australian direct equities advice is based on research we receive from our preferred stockbroking firms.  We are not a licensed stockbroker, however, we can transact on behalf of clients through one of our preferred stockbrokers or a stockbroker of choice.


Tax Effective Accumulation of Assets

From the outset, the advisor will utilise appropriate structures for the ownership of investments (superannuation funds, family trusts, companies and partnerships)  to optimise the tax effective management  of investments. 

To achieve this, we will work with accountants, superannuation administrators and solicitors, as required. Importantly, our work with other professionals is designed to maximise the value clients receive, both in day-to-day compliance and  to produce the optimal advisory result.

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